Your Business Health.
Know it. Fix it. Grow it.


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  • Your Cloud CFO

    In plain English. No finance jargon.

  • Better Decisions, Faster

    What you need to know, when you need to know it.

  • No Number Crunching

    Heavy-duty financial analytics…made simple.

  • A Single Indicator

    uScore is like your credit score for business health.


"Unleash enables me to quickly check my business health and move to more important things, like running my business!"
- Anastacia Nikchemny, Small Business Owner



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Know It

Forget poring over spreadsheets & all that stuff you’d rather not look at. Unleash analyzes it for you and presents it in an easy to understand dashboard. We’ll tell you what you’re doing well and what to fix.

Fix it

Know what to fix and how to go about it. Unleash helps you stay on top of everything that matters: revenues, collections, payables, and expenses. The goal is to make more and keep more…money, that is.

Grow it

Curious how your competitors’ profits and expenses stack up against yours? Take the guesswork out of growing your business by comparing yourself against others to achieve financial excellence.